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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


Are you looking for a Wheel Balancing Morley service?

A tyre/rim assembly must be balanced due to different mass distribution and the resulting imbalance in the wheel-tyre system in order to ensure optimum concentricity.

Wheel concentricity can be ensured by applying counter weights to the rim.

Poorly balanced wheels place excessive stress on tyres, wheel bearings and suspension.

Driving on unbalanced wheels causes vibrations and hamper your on-road driving safety and comfort.

Your vehicle's wheels can only provide you with optimal performance when they are balanced properly.

Additionally, unbalanced wheels might cause damage to the suspension components, decreasing the handling efficiency and the overall performance of your vehicle.

Our experts, therefore, advise getting your wheels balanced by professionals every five to six thousand miles to help extend their lifespan and improve their performance.

At Morley tyres, our technicians will ensure that your car always runs smoothly.

5 Signs that your car wheels are out of balance

Unbalanced wheels give several tell-tale signs, some of which are mentioned below:-

Difficulty in Steering

When your tyres are not properly balanced, they will cause an uncomfortable driving experience by making it difficult to properly steer the vehicle and, you might also notice slower steering responsiveness. Moreover, it will become harder and harder for you to steer in a particular direction.


This is one of the earliest signs of unbalanced tyres. If you feel vibrations in the steering wheel, it is an indication of your car’s wheels being out of balance. The increased vibrations can affect the entire cabin of your car, including the front and rear seats and the floorboards.

Decreased Fuel Efficiency

Unbalanced wheels tend to put more stress on your vehicle.

As a result, the engine consumes more fuel than normal to operate.Therefore you should book an appointment for wheel balancing Leeds at the earliest.

Uneven Tread Wear

It's important to regularly check your tyres, not only for damages but also for tread wear. If you notice your tyres’ tread is wearing unevenly, it can be a sign of unbalanced wheels. Non-uniform tread wear can increase the risk of serious and potentially dangerous tyre damage.

Faulty Shocks and Bearings

When the tyres of your vehicle are out of balance, the springs, shocks, bearings, and other components of the wheel assembly are put under additional stress. If the issue is not addressed at the right time, it will cause more damage to the vehicle.

As soon as you notice any of these warning signs, take your car to our garage.

We’ll take off the wheel/tyre assembly and mount it onto our wheel balancing machine where it is spun ata high speed. This way, our computer system can locate the exact spot of imbalance. Out technician will the put small counter weights on the rim to even out the imbalance before mounting the wheel and tyre back onto the vehicle.

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