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An inaccurate wheel alignment reduces the overall performance of a vehicle and even increases the risks of accidents.

It can also reduce the vehicle's mileage by 20% and leads to faster tyre tread wear. Regular wheel alignment checks are highly recommended every two years.

Accurate wheel alignment Leeds ensures that you get a safe, comfortable driving experience with optimal handling performance.

Morley Tyres provides top wheel alignment Morley services. Our experienced technicians use the latest computer technology and the best tools to deliver the most accurate wheel alignment Morley service.

State-of-the-art diagnostic technology

Our specialists check the entire axle geometry and detect even the slightest deviations using the most modern equipment.

Wheel alignment saves money.

Your tyres will last longer, your vehicle will consume less fuel, and the wear and tear on wheel suspension, springs, shock absorbers etc., will be reduced.

Questions & Answers about wheel alignment

When should a wheel alignment be carried out?

A regular check is always a good idea. It becomes necessary when you notice problems with your car's driving behaviour, especially after collision damage or minor accidents.

Indications of misalignment:

  • Rumbling noises
  • Poor straight-line stability
  • Squeaking when cornering
  • Spongy steering behaviour
  • Crooked steering wheel

If excessive one-sided tyre wear is noticed when the wheels are changed in the workshop, it also makes sense to check the wheel alignment. Measuring the axles should also be a standard procedure after buying new tyres and fitting aluminium rims.

An adjustment of the axle geometry and the associated tracking errors can reduce the tyres' mileage by up to 80%. This means strong one-sided tyre wear, left or right pull, increased rolling resistance for the driving behaviour. One consequence of this - besides the increased safety risk - is significantly higher fuel consumption.

What does "camber", "caster", and "toe" mean?

    • Camber describes the inclination of the wheel plane to the vertical.
    • Positive camber: Inclination of the top of the wheel outwards.
    • Negative camber: Inclination of the wheel towards the inside at the top.

Caster describes the top-to-bottom angle of the steering axis and the suspension components

Toe describes the difference in the front distance of the wheels of an axle compared to the rear (measured at the rim flanges at the height of the wheel centres, with the vehicle stationary). Toe is measured in mm or degrees with the steering gear in the centre position.

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