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Finding the right tyres for your vehicle is not as complicated as it may seem. All the information you require can be found either in the vehicle's owner's manual


  • In the driver's door jamb
  • In the glove box compartment
  • Inside the petrol tank hatch

How to read a tyre's size

Let's take a look at the tyre size data to understand it better.

We'll be using an example: 225/70/R16 91S.


The first number of the whole sequence represents the width of the correct tyre for your vehicle, measured in millimetres. This is measured from one sidewall to another. So, 225/70/R16 91S - here, 225 millimetres is the required tyre size for your vehicle.

Aspect ratio

The following number you see after the slash mark is the tyre's aspect ratio, which means the height of the tyre sidewalls. It is generally expressed in per cent. In 225/70/R16 91S, the aspect ratio is 70, which means the tyre's height is 70% of its width.


The letter that comes after the aspect ratio depicts the type of tyre construction maintaining its stability. Two types of tyre construction are available: R means Radial, D means Diagonal or Bias Ply. In this example, the tyre has radial internal construction.

Rim diameter

The following number is the rim diameter code, measured in inches. 16 refers to this tyre will fit a rim whose diameter is 16 inches.

Load index - The load-carrying capacity of the tyre, measured in kilograms. This doesn't tell us the precise number of kilograms the tyre can support, but it refers to a specific load capacity mentioned in the index. In this example, 91 is the load index ratio of the tyre.

Speed rating

The last figure of the series indicates the speed rating, indicated by a letter. A tyre with a speed rating "S" has a speed limit of 118 mph.

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